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Friday, April 24, 2009

Is There A Gold Conspiracy?

In the short term, the precious metals, especially Gold, are trading counter to the stock market, but we have also seen precious metals rally along with stock market during the 2003 and 2008 bull cycle. Regardless, in the long term, precious metals should rally because of currency debasement and the resulting inflation which follows. I have recently inaugurated the VR Gold Letter (which covers most other metals as well) to focus on the unique opportunity ahead in the natural resource arena.

Heretofore, Gold has been rallying recently, even when the US Dollar Index rises, as investors seek its safety because both stocks and bonds are falling. A stock market rally and any greater intervention by ‘Helicopter’ (or is it ‘B-52′) Ben Bernanke could change this. Overall the bear market in stocks, huge budget deficits, increased government spending, and nationalization of the banking system has led many investors seeking the safety of gold. Ultimately, the objective here is to protect ourselves from fiscally irresponsible central governments, not to mention the risk of their bankruptcy. Gold will never go to zero and history shows Gold as the ultimate and longest lasting store of value - not worthless fiat currency. I want to be long on the day when gold gaps up $500 an ounce and you can’t buy it at any price.

The world’s largest debtor nation is trying to solve its debt created crisis with more debt! The risk is on the table that our own US Treasury could default on debt and even greater risk that the rest of the world will not buy our debt realizing our country may never be able to pay them back. Skeptics says that is nonsense as they can always print more money. It is clear this cannot go on for long without paying the consequences for such irresponsibility. Once central governments (ours included) realize that running the printing press 24/7 debases currency and ultimately leads to significant if not ‘hyper’ inflation - the only solution is a Gold standard. Alan Greenspan himself has said that “You didn’t need a central bank when you were on a gold standard.”

The United States has the largest gold supply in the world, estimated to about 261 million ounces, unless there is another huge fraud being perpetuated on the American public at Fort Knox. I have gone out on the limb in the absolute belief the United States will return to the Gold standard which was abandoned back in 1971 by then President, Richard M. Nixon. If the United States allows the Gold price to rise (or drives it higher) and then pegs the US Dollar to an inflated Gold price, a great deal is accomplished. The ever-growing United States debt now has collateral. The national debt would now be on its way to being balanced. If the national debt is 10 trillion dollars and Gold is trading at $10,000 an ounce, the United States now has 2.6 trillion dollars in Gold or roughly a 25% backing. My belief is that the size of the United States Gold reserve is much greater than reported and what the United States doesn’t have it can easily confiscate either by demanding redemption of Gold from private holdings, or by creating a new North American currency (the rumored ‘Amero’) which would then include very valuable mineral resources of Canada and Mexico. Though the latter event currently.....Click Here For The Complete Story


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