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Monday, January 18, 2010

Gold Daily Technical Outlook For Monday

Intraday bias in Gold remains neutral for the moment as sideway trading from 1163 is still in progress. With 1119.2 support intact, another rise could still be seen and above 1163 will bring stronger rebound into 1169.3/1227.5 resistance zone. However, upside should be limited there and bring another fall to continue to consolidation pattern from 1227.5. On the downside, below 1119.2 will suggest that recovery from 1075.2 has completed already and will flip intraday bias back to the downside for 1075.2 and below.

In the bigger picture, rise from 681 is expected to develop into a set of five wave sequence with first wave completed at 1007.7, second wave triangle consolidation completed at 931.3. Rise from 931.3 is treated as the third wave and has possibly completed at 1227.5 after missing 100% projection of 681 to 1007.7 from 931.3 at 1258. Considering that weekly MACD is staying below signal line, consolidation from 1227.5 is expected to extend further, either in form of sideway consolidation or a deeper pull back to 1026.9/1072 support zone, or even further to retest 1000 psychological level. But after all, downside should be contained well above 931.3 support and bring up trend resumption to another high above 1227.5.....Comex Gold Continuous Contract 4 Hours Chart.

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