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Monday, June 7, 2010

New Training Video: Stock Market "Profit Pockets"

Did you know that on any given stock chart, there are very specific & precise low risk, high probability entry points that can lead to some potentially deep "profit pockets"?

* 4 of them were recently discovered by a 35+ year market veteran...

....and he's recording some brand new training videos that show you what they look like, how they work together, and how you can spot them on your own. The first training video is done, just click here to see his new training website.

Pay close attention to the chart that's displayed early on in the training video that outlines these 4 "profit pockets", which are identified by these custom methods designed to "pinpoint" each one:

* The Profit Pipeline Method...

* The Trend Validator Method...

* The Velocity Method...

* The Countertrend Cash Method...

I'm really excited about these 4 additional ways to pull more profit potential out of almost ANY stock chart, because they can complement any existing method you're currently using...

And that just gives you even MORE of an edge over those traders who DON'T know about these techniques.

These training videos likely will NOT be online for long, so make sure you watch & take notes here:

Good Trading,
Ray C. Parrish
President/CEO The Stock Market Club

P.S. Whenever this 35+ year market veteran releases complimentary training videos, I PAY ATTENTION because the "on the house" information he just "gives away" is often worth more than many training courses you'd have to pay for. So, don't take
this training lightly and pay close attention to what he teaches. Your portfolio will thank you for it later.

Watch New Training Video: Stock Market "Profit Pockets"


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