Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Many investors believe there is some very good money to be made from trading, and they're right, there is.

Unfortunately, the instant they dip their toes in water, they are bombarded with complex sounding concepts and names, like stochastics and Fibonacci retracements, quickly feel overwhelmed, and give up before even getting started...

That's a real shame because taking advantage of these tools and techniques is actually much easier than it seems.

All in all, we've been in the trading biz for many years and credit our financial success to our trading mentors. We created this course as a way to give back and share the trading tips and techniques that we still use in our trading today.

We've specifically designed it to 'demystify' the trading basics and help you launch your success rate, and profits, to a whole new level.

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* Why attitude is a trader's biggest advantage
* The importance of psychology in price movement
* How to spot mega trends
* Understanding of technical price objectives
* How to picture price objectives
* How to trade with moving averages
* How to use the RSI indicator
* How to correctly use stochastics in your trading
* How to use the ADX indicator to capture trends
* How to capitalize on natural market cycles

Plus, you will you will learn all about Fibonacci retracements, MACD, Bollinger Bands and much more.

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