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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can The Bulls Regain Control?

Do the Bulls still stand a chance to make another run?

That is the question this weekend after we saw the 1340, 1322 pivots crashed right through following the “SP 500 Bear Case” weekend report on May 13th I sent to subscribers with a chart last weekend (May 13th SP 500 at 1353).

We ended the week with the SP 500 falling from 1353 to about 1292 and the US Dollar having rallied 13 of the past 15 days to the upside. We also have The Mclellan Oscillator at extreme oversold levels as in the November 2011 lows and close to the August 2011 lows. The Sentiment gauges are running at only 24% Bulls as opposed to the historic 39% averages, and the Percentage of NYSE listed stocks trading above the 50 day moving average plummeted to 12%. That is about as low as it has been during this bull market, other than last August when we hit 5%.

So that means that the sentiment/human behavioral ingredients are actually in place for a marked rally to the upside. What we examine this week is whether that can still happen and what type of Elliott Wave pattern would we need to see to validate it.
We can still make a case that this correction of 130 points from 1422 to 1292 (about 9.1% similar to many Bull market corrections since 2009 lows) is a wave 4 correction of waves 1-3. Wave 1-3 rallied in total from 1074-1422 and a 38% retracement of that entire cycle would put us right around 1291/92 pivots.

So below we have the chart that the Bulls would hang onto as possible for a dramatic recovery to new highs past 1422 and onward to 1454 or so. This needs to begin very shortly though and much below 1285 we can wipe this idea off the slate in my opinion.
So, last weekends Bear View is now a 50% probability and the Bullish count below is also 50%. The good news is I think we will know which one is taking control very early in the week. This is probably not a good time to place a big bet just yet in either direction, we are at an inflection point.

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