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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free Futures Trend Jumper Strategy, the Dow eMini (YM)

Many of you are just beginning to get your FREE Trend Jumper up and running. Hopefully you were able to catch today’s winner that occurred right out the gate this morning. It ended with + 32 points using the three position approach.

Single Position Traders; + 13 points
Two Position Traders; + 31 points
Three Position Traders; + 32 Points

See Today’s FREE Trend Jumper Dow eMini Futures Trade 

Our other FREE Trend Jumper ‘module,’ the EURUSD Swingtrade, has a trade setting up as well. A setup seems imminent but we don’t know if it will trigger in or cancel. We’ll just need to watch it and remain patient and disciplined. 

Full Version Trend Jumper Owners have been treated to a multi session winning streak on many of our favorite markets.

Today was FED Minutes and Crude Oil Inventory Day so it is always good to lower your expectations a bit, trade less and get to your profit goals as quickly as possible. Like we teach in our Live Traderoom, if we can get to our signature ‘power of quitting’ goals early, we’re going to take advantage of the opportunity. And, staying on point with our ‘scalping’ theme (did you see the video in the earlier post?), many trades were quick to finish today.

Crude Oil Futures ended with two trades today for + .32, $320. Heating Oil Futures hit its target on the nail, + 37 ticks, $155 (One and done in 5 minutes.) Unleaded Gas Futures; + 124 ticks, $520 (One and done, 40 minutes)

There were lots of other strong finishes today in the futures world of daytrading, too. But how about our forex trades. There is a lot of action on that front as well. Here’s a look at a few highlights:

NZDUSD is up Hundreds of pips in just a few days — see screenshot

Yen Crosses are heading higher

Aussie crosses are in a variety of profitable trades hitting early targets

GBPUSD is still going strong

NZDCAD just hit a big profit target, + 185 pips to the 1st target and on the way higher

We trade daily charts and only spend a few minutes per day placing and managing these trades. There is NO better way to trade Forex, in my humble opinion. Moreover, there is no better way to stay out of the way of your trading and to just let the tradeplan do its thing. That IS one of the big secrets to success in this business. Once a day, then stay outta the way!!

One of our Current Forex Trades, NZDUSD 

It's not to late to get caught up....Sign up for Trend Jumper today!


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