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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No reason to get left behind....The OptionsMD Mentoring Program is now available

2013 will go down as the year that options trading became "the buzz" in the stock market world. And regardless of the claims made by the internet promoters or the talking heads and their guest on TV they sure didn't make it any easier to understand options trading or even where to get started.

One of our trading partners, underground Options trader Doc Severson, is opening a new version of his mentoring program. The OptionsMD Mentoring Program, and it is now available for the first time since he sold out over 6 months ago.

Whether you are new to trading options or you are an experienced fund manager you need to get on board for you or your clients sake.

If you know anything about Doc, then you know he's doing things with options trading that most people have never even heard of. And now, he's offering his mentoring program with an unbelievable one year 100% money back PLUS $500 performance guarantee.

This is the LAST time this year that Doc is offering a bonus package this huge. And the best part of all is the unlimited support provided by Doc and his staff. Who else can you turn to where you can get personal, unlimited support from this type of trader?

Click Here for Details

Lot's of talk out there about equities putting in a top at these levels. And professional fund managers aren't dealing with it on their own, why should you? If you're struggling with a topping market or not making the amount of money you think you should be making, there's nothing better than to be mentored by someone that really has a strategy that works no matter which way the market turns.

This is the first release like this where traders are sending us emails trying to get us to have Doc release it early to them. Because of the personal support that Doc and his team provide it truly is offered to a limited number of traders. That's not some marketing ploy we all see everyday on the internet. Once it's closed, it's closed.

Click here to find out what The OptionsMD Mentoring Program is all about.

See you in the markets!
Ray C. Parrish
The Stock Market Club

Just click here to get OptionsMD, it's LIVE!

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