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Monday, September 16, 2013

The 30 Minute Breakout Trading Strategy.....Free Video Download

Have you tried to trade the first 30 minutes of the day before?

A few benefits to trading the open are:

High Levels of Liquidity Targeted Time Period to Trade You Don't Stare at a Screen All Day

While those all sound great, the downside is that the first 30 minutes can be extremely difficult to trade due to the fact that there is so much liquidity in the markets (especially after active overnight sessions).

With all that in mind, Todd Mitchell just recorded a video on his 30 Minute Breakout Strategy for trading the first 30 minutes of each day.

You will learn:

  *   How to Setup the Trade
  *   Where to Set Profit Targets and Stops
  *   3 Examples of this trade from last week (recorded from live market)

Tap Here to Access the 30 Minute Breakout Strategy,PDF Download of the strategy is included.

See you in the markets,

The Stock Market Club

Get the free strategy now...paper trade it and see for yourself tomorrow. 

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