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Friday, September 12, 2014

Options Results + BIG NEWS [New Video]

Video 3 of the Options Income Engine training was just published.

See it Here...

Here's what you'll learn in this video:
  • A live options trade Bill Poulos placed with his broker using the Options Income Engine trade alert software, so you can get a feel for how easy this is...

  • An equity curve going back 20+ years so you can get a sense of how this program will work in "real life". He shows you everything - "warts & all".
I think you'll learn some very important lessons about real world trading after you see how candid Bill is in this video.
  • Bill is going to open up enrollment for his Options Income Engine software this Monday, September 15th, at 1pm Eastern.
(But it will be a very tight, limited enrollment.)

Watch Video #3 for more information on how to try it out...

Good Trading,
Stock Market Club

P.S. If you have any questions, make sure you post them underneath the video on the training website. There are now over 300 combined comments and counting.

Everybody is really excited about this......

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