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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Stocks

When our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Stocks and Options makes a claim like this we listen and so should you. John has put together a new free video that shows us how to use the habits of most hedge funds to know exactly when to enter positions. And this is easy.

Just click here to watch "Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Stocks"

In this free video John will share:

  *  Why money coming out of a large cap stocks is an opportunity for you

  *  What's the magic price that gets stocks on the hedge funds radar

  *  Why there is still an opportunity in buying stocks today if you know where to look

  *  Why the opportunity is no longer in the stocks you probably own right now

      And much much more.....

This free video will show you the secret strategy John uses to ride stocks UP when the hedge funds start doing the driving.

Watch it here and put this to work NOW!

See you in the markets!
The Stock Market Club

Secret Strategy to Get into Stocks Before the Hedge Funds Do

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