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Monday, December 28, 2015

Peek Inside this Private "Hedge Fund" that is up 22% this Year

What if I told you there was a private "hedge fund" that regular people (not just the super rich) are quietly using to rapidly grow their wealth?

As you may know, you must invest a minimum of 250K or more to buy your way into most private hedge funds.
And even then -- nothing is guaranteed.

In fact, hedge fund managers (who make millions in fees) produced dismal results in 2015. Business Insider reports that through the 3rd quarter, most of the big-name hedge funds were returning between -4 and -17%.


Which makes the "fund" I'm telling you about today even more interesting. First, it's not really a fund. It's a trade advisory service. Second: Regular people, even those with smaller accounts, are able to follow these trade recommendations and go after double and even triple digit gains.

And third, the manager of this little known trade advisory service is picking winners at an astounding rate: 41 out of 51 trade recommendations were winners and the average profit on a winning trade was 33.1%! If you put $5,000 on each of the 51 trade recommendations, your initial $255,000 would now be worth over $311,000 in less than 5 months.

See for yourself:
This Private Trade Advisory Service Finally Reveals Full List Of Closed Trades

Of course, there's no guarantee of future performance but even those billion dollar hedge fund managers will tell you that. Speaking of those managers, had you handed that 250K to one of the top hedge fund managers this year, you'd have LOST between 10 and 45K! And paid massive fees for the privilege!

That's why this program just might be one of the last remaining ways for the "little guy" to get ahead. But hurry, before Christmas they opened the doors to new members for the first time in months and the program filled to capacity in 4 days flat. Now that things have settled down, they've opened a few additional spots for new members but the doors won't stay open for long.

See you in the markets,
The Stock Market Club

p.s. John Burbank, a private hedge fund manager who made a fortune betting big against the sub prime housing market in 2007, is predicting another big crash. If he's right, ordinary investors will probably get hammered. But members of this private trade advisory service could actually grow six times richer in a hurry.

                                 This "tell-all" videos reveals why...

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