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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The #1 Question About 20/30 Wealth Trader

It's only been a couple days since Bill Poulos announced the official opening of The 20/30 Wealth Trader program.

But the questions are already pouring in.

"How do I know this will work for me?"

"Do I need a large account to use this system?"

"How much time do I need to use this program?"

"Can this make me rich?"

Bill made this quick video to answer your questions. Have a look:

Your Questions About The 20/30 Wealth Trader
Answered Here

See you in the markets,
The Stock Market Club

p.s. Be sure to mark your calendar because The 20/30 Wealth Trader program opens at 1pm Eastern on Monday, December 14th. And watch your inbox over the weekend for a surprise announcement.

Watch "The #1 question about 20/30 Wealth Trader, a bold question and a surprising answer"....Just Click Here!

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