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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wall Street’s Smoking Gun….Why Stocks Get Weird on Fridays

What if I told you there was proof that Wall Street was manipulating the markets? Every Friday, they fraudulently shift Blue Chip stock prices to the tune of $9.1 billion. This isn’t a tin foil hat conspiracy either. It’s been reported in Bloomberg, Fortune and the NY Times.

If you’ve been in the market at all over the last few years, you’re likely a victim. Your wealth, and your trading performance HAVE been impacted by this phenomenon.

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Now what if that’s actually good news? Former hedge fund manager, Roger, has identified an opportunity in the scandal. It’s a unique “income trade” that pops up 7-8 times a month - which could have paid you…

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And, you’d still get paid even if you have no idea which way stocks are going. Even if you couldn’t time the market with a crystal ball… even if you screwed up 100% of your trades.

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