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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Protection Against this Weeks Correction Was Just One Click Away

This weeks market correction has the average trader and even some pros scratching their heads wondering what they could have done different. But traders like our trading partner John Carter of Simpler Options dream of markets like this. The spike in volatility creates amazing opportunities but also creates sleepless nights for most traders and fund managers alike. But your positions can be held without losing any sleep if you have the right protection in place. Sound difficult or to good to be true? Well, it's neither.

This market correction is not over so this is a perfect time to download John's latest version of his free eBook. And it's great timing since we have been telling our readers that we are partnering with John on another great event in September and you really need to be familiar with John's trading methods to fully take advantage of what we will be doing in the next few weeks.

In this free options trading eBook you will learn.....

  *  How to use leverage to grow your account exponentially or free up excess capital

  *  How to create protection for each one of your positions

  *  What the options basics are so you’re never confused by an options chain again

  *  The essentials to managing your position at expiration

  *  The two different types of settlement

  *  The key options terms you need to know

  *  The most important factor to your options trading success

       ......and much much more

It's crunch time, download the eBook here and get ready to benefit during these volatile times.

See you in the markets!
The Stock Market Club

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