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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't be Surprised When One Euro Equals One Dollar... It Could Happen

As everyone in the Western World knows, Europe has been having its share of major problems. All of Europe’s trials and tribulations have had a dramatic affect on the performance of the euro, recently putting it under severe pressure.

Unlike the United States, where we can print money and inflate ourselves out of most problems, the Eurozone is accountable to the 16 nations who gave up their own currency to join.

In our latest video we'll explain how our "Trade Triangle" technology has been very accurate since the beginning of the year for the euro. Although we've nailed the market thus far, it leads to the big question: Have we seen the euro bottom out?

We hope our new video answers that question and highlights some of the reasons why we believe we could be seeing some strong opportunities in this market.

As always the new video is available for viewing now and there is no charge or registration requirement. Please feel free to leave a comment on this video and where you think the euro is headed.

Watch "Don't be Surprised When One Euro Equals One Dollar... It Could Happen"


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